Welcome to the Dekka-Haus Training Gallery. At Dekka-Haus, we not only pride ourselves on the quality of our dogs, but on the top notch training that we provide. Our training ranges from a free eight  week puppy kindergarten for all our customers who buy a puppy,  to full blown protection training. Please take some time to visit the various training opportunities we have available. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop us line using our contact link.

                                                     Hank and Tammy Macuch
                                                 Owners Dekka-Haus Shepherds

Puppy Kindergarten
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  •           These are  images  and videos of Dekka-Haus puppy kindergarten. Each new puppy owner receives eight  weeks of free training. Your puppy will learn socialization , gain confidence and begin basic obedience. The first few months of a puppies life are a critical period in their development. Just like a child, a puppy needs proper care and handling.  At Dekka-Haus we want to be sure our customers and our puppies are well trained and have a long and prosperous life.   Click here to see Gallery 1 ---- Click here to see Gallery 2

    Group Training

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  •           These are images of Dekka-Haus dogs in group training. For our obedience training customers, we offer a free weekly group training session when you and your dog are ready. Your dog will continue to socialize with adults, children and other dogs. This free group training is an invaluable opportunity for you and your dog to grow and bond. Click here to see Gallery 1------Click here to see Gallery 2. 

    Personal Training

              These are images and videos of Dekka-Haus dogs doing individual obedience. For a fee, you can take the next step and enter into individualized obedience training. Your dog will learn both on-lead and off-lead commands. For the dog owner who wants the best for their investment, obedience training is a must. Click here to see the Gallery

    Protection Training
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  •           In sharp contrast to the obedience gallery, our protection training gallery shows aonther side of the Dekka-Haus dog. While all our dogs have an even temper and make great famly pets, our dogs are bred to protect. As in all areas of a dog's life training is critical. Our protection training classes teach the dogs when ,where and how to bite. Click here to see the Gallery.